TELUS was looking for a more efficient way to plan and execute their in-store merchandising campaigns and to communicate the instructions to the thousands of TELUS outlets across Canada. TELUS also needed a solution to customize each store and generate accurate printing and shipping lists in order to reduce waste and save money.

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Bombardier Aerospace wanted to investigate the feasibility of an online interactive environment for 3D aircraft visualization and repair engineering data. The application had to run in realtime and at high performance to fulfill the requirements of aircraft operators worldwide.

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Johnson & Johnson needed a website to connect with their health specialists in the fields of orthopaedics, neuroscience and spinal pathologies. Their professional audience required a “no-nonsense” approach to communicate both online and offline using CD-ROM media.

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Koodo Mobile required a web application to manage their merchandising programs through concept, development, production and fulfillment. Koodo Mobile needed the system to track store layouts and store fixtures in order to maximize the effect of their programs in corporate kiosks and various retail outlets.

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Columbia Sportswear needed a website for their new lines of insulated lunch carriers and baby bags. The website had to be developed in accordance with the rigorous Columbia Sportswear style guide. The client also required a simple way to keep the content up-to-date.

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