Koodo Mobile

Koodo Mobile - Merchandising Management System


Koodo Mobile is a mobile brand in Canada started by TELUS in 2008. Being a subsidiary of TELUS, Koodo has been able to offer extensive coverage and a strong presence in mobile retailers. This has allowed the young company to gain a respectable presence nationwide.


Koodo Mobile required a web application to manage their merchandising programs through concept, development, production and fulfillment. Koodo Mobile needed the system to track store layouts and store fixtures in order to maximize the effect of their programs in corporate kiosks and various retail outlets.


JRX developed a modular web application to manage stores, fixtures, floor plans and collateral. Power users were granted access to plan merchandising programs, generate reports, compile packing lists and monitor inventory levels. A custom module allowed the application to sync collateral inventory with a third-party fulfillment centre.


The visual program planner helps Koodo Mobile to test various merchandising scenarios for in-store collateral and mobile handsets. The shared environment allows the Creative Agency, the Merchandising Team and the Fulfillment Specialists to collaborate in real-time. Working with the application, Koodo Mobile has been successful in managing and executing their merchandising projects.