Bombardier Aerospace

Bombardier Aerospace - Interactive 3D Environment


Bombardier is a global transportation company, present in more than 60 countries on five continents. Bombardier designs, manufactures, sells and supports the widest range of world-class products in the aerospace and rail transportation sectors.


Bombardier Aerospace wanted to investigate the feasibility of an online interactive environment for 3D aircraft visualization and repair engineering data. The application had to run in realtime and at high performance to fulfill the requirements of aircraft operators worldwide.


JRX developed a custom application with a Flash viewport supported by a geometry database back-end. Bombardier selected the CRJ-900 aircraft to be virtualized in 3D including the repair data cloud specific to this model. The finished model is stored in a relational database that allows thousands of parts to be queried independently.


JRX successfully developed custom software that exploits the power and availability of the Flash Player to run real time 3D visualization within the browser. The software performance exceeded expectations; the reception among the aircraft operators was overwhelmingly positive.