YAPP(1)               User Contributed Perl Documentation              YAPP(1)

       yapp - A perl frontend to the Parse::Yapp module

       yapp [options] grammar[.yp]

       yapp -V

       yapp -h

       yapp is a frontend to the Parse::Yapp module, which lets you compile
       Parse::Yapp grammar input files into Perl LALR(1) OO parser modules.

       Options, as of today, are all optionals :-)

       -v  Creates a file grammar.output describing your parser. It will show
           you a summary of conflicts, rules, the DFA (Deterministic Finite
           Automaton) states and overall usage of the parser.

       -s  Create a standalone module in which the driver is included.  Note
           that if you have more than one parser module called from a program,
           to have it standalone, you need this option only for one of your
           parser module.

       -n  Disable source file line numbering embedded in your parser module.
           I don't know why one should need it, but it's there.

       -m module
           Gives your parser module the package name (or name space or module
           name or class name or whatever-you-call-it) of module.  It defaults
           to grammar

       -o outfile
           The compiled output file will be named outfile for your parser mod-
           ule.  It defaults to or, if you specified the option -m
           A::Module::Name (see below), to

       -t filename
           The -t filename option allows you to specify a file which should be
           used as template for generating the parser output.  The default is
           to use the internal template defined in
           For how to write your own template and which substitutions are
           available, have a look to the module : it
           should be obvious.

       -b shebang
           If you work on systems that understand so called shebangs, and your
           generated parser is directly an executable script, you can specifie
           one with the -b option, ie:

               yapp -b '/usr/local/bin/perl -w' -o myscript.yp

           This will output a file called whose very first line

               #!/usr/local/bin/perl -w

           The argument is mandatory, but if you specify an empty string, the
           value of $Config{perlpath} will be used instead.

           The input grammar file. If no suffix is given, and the file does
           not exists, an attempt to open the file with a suffix of  .yp is
           tried before exiting.

       -V  Display current version of Parse::Yapp and gracefully exits.

       -h  Display the usage screen.

       None known now :-)

       Francois Desarmenien <>

       (c) Copyright 1998-1999 Francois Desarmenien, all rights reserved.  See
       Parse::Yapp(3) for legal use and distribution rights

       Parse::Yapp(3) Perl(1) yacc(1) bison(1)

perl v5.8.0                       2001-02-11                           YAPP(1)