VGMERGE(8)                                                          VGMERGE(8)

       vgmerge - merge two volume groups

       vgmerge  [-A|--autobackup{y|n}]  [-d|--debug]  [-h|--help]  [-l|--list]
       [-t|--test]   [-v|--verbose]   DestinationVolumeGroupName    SourceVol-

       vgmerge  merges  two  existing  volume  groups. The inactive SourceVol-
       umeGroupName will be  merged  into  the  DestinationVolumeGroupName  if
       physical  extent  sizes  are equal and physical and logical volume sum-
       maries of both volume groups fit into DestinationVolumeGroupName's lim-

       -A, --autobackup y/n
              Controls  automatic  backup of VG metadata after the merge ( see
              vgcfgbackup(8) ). Default is yes.

       -d, --debug
              Enables additional debugging output (if compiled with DEBUG).

       -h, --help
              Print a usage message on standard output and exit  successfully.

       -l, --list
              Display merged DestinationVolumeGroupName like "vgdisplay -v".

       -t, --test
              Do a test run WITHOUT making any real changes.

       -v, --verbose
              Display  verbose runtime information about vgmerge's activities.

       "vgmerge -v databases my_vg" merges the  inactive  volume  group  named
       "my_vg" into the active or inactive volume group named "databases" giv-
       ing verbose runtime information.

       vgmerge returns an exit code of 0 for success and > 0 for error:

       1  2 volume group names must be entered on command line
       2  volume group to merge from must be inactive
       3  error reading VGDA of volume group to merge into
       4  error reading VGDA of volume group to merge from
       5  error setting up VGDA for merge
       6  error extending VGDA by physical volume in kernel
       7  error writing VGDA to physical volume(s)
       8  error creating volume group special files
       9  error removing volume group from lvmtab

       95 driver/module not in kernel
       96 invalid I/O protocol version
       97 error locking logical volume manager
       98 invalid lvmtab (run vgscan(8))
       99 invalid command line

              If this variable is set to "no" then the automatic backup of  VG
              metadata is turned off.

              This  variable  determines the backup history depth of kept VGDA
              copy files in /etc/lvmconf. It can be set to a  positive  number
              between  0 and 999.  The higher this number is, the more changes
              you can restore using vgcfgrestore(8).

See also1
       lvm(8), vgcreate(8), vgextend(8), vgreduce(8), vgsplit(8), pvmove(8)

       Heinz Mauelshagen <>

Heinz Mauelshagen                  LVM TOOLS                        VGMERGE(8)