MODINFO(8)                   Linux Module Support                   MODINFO(8)

       modinfo - display information about a kernel module

       modinfo [ options ] <module_file>

       The  modinfo  utility  examines  the object file module_file associated
       with a kernel module and displays any information that it can glean.

       -a, --author
              Display the module's author.

       -d, --description
              Display the module's description.

       -fformat_string, --format format_string
              Let the user  specify  an  arbitrary  format  string  which  can
              extract  values  from  the ELF section in module_file which con-
              tains the module information.  Replacements consist of a percent
              sign  followed  by  a  tag  name  in curly braces.  A tagname of
              %{filename} is always supported, even if the module has no  mod-
              info section.  %{kernel_version} shows the version of the kernel
              the module was compiled for.  %{using_checksums} expands to 1 is
              the module has versioned symbols and to 0 or <none> otherwise.

              A  tagname  of  %{parm}  is  special:  the format string line is
              repeated for each known module  parameter  (which  may  be  zero
              times)  and  %{parm}  is then replaced by descriptions of module
              parameters (one parameter on each repeated line).

              Alternatively, %a, %d, %l, %n and %p  can  be  used  instead  of
              %{author},  %{description}, %{filename}, %{license} and %{parm},

       -h, --help
              Display a summary of options and immediately exit.

       -l, --license
              Display the module's license.

       -n, --filename
              Display the module's filename.

       -p, --parameters
              Display the typed parameters that a module may support.

       -V, --version
              Display the version of modinfo.

       If no options are  supplied,  the  default  is  filename,  description,
       author, license and parameters.

       insmod(8),  modprobe(8),  depmod(8), rmmod(8), lsmod(8), ksyms(8), mod-

Linux                           March 19, 2002                      MODINFO(8)