menu(3X)                                                              menu(3X)

       menu - curses extension for programming menus

       #include <menu.h>

       The menu library provides terminal-independent facilities for composing
       menu systems on character-cell terminals.  The library  includes:  item
       routines,  which create and modify menu items; and menu routines, which
       group items into menus, display menus on the screen, and handle  inter-
       action with the user.

       The menu library uses the curses libraries, and a curses initialization
       routine such as initscr must be called before using any of these  func-
       tions.  To use the menu library, link with the options -lmenu -lcurses.

   Current Default Values for Item Attributes
       The menu library maintains a default value for  item  attributes.   You
       can  get  or  set  this default by calling the appropriate get_ or set_
       routine with a NULL item pointer.  Changing this default  with  a  set_
       function affects future item creations, but does not change the render-
       ing of items already created.

   Routine Name Index
       The following table lists each menu routine and the name of the  manual
       page on which it is described.

       curses Routine Name    Manual Page Name
       current_item           mitem_current(3X)
       free_item              mitem_new(3X)
       free_menu              menu_new(3X)
       item_count             menu_items(3X)
       item_description       mitem_name(3X)
       item_index             mitem_current(3X)
       item_init              menu_hook(3X)
       item_name              mitem_name(3X)
       item_opts              mitem_opts(3X)
       item_opts_off          mitem_opts(3X)
       item_opts_on           mitem_opts(3X)
       item_term              menu_hook(3X)
       item_userptr           mitem_userptr(3X)
       item_value             mitem_value(3X)
       item_visible           mitem_visible(3X)
       menu_back              menu_attributes(3X)
       menu_driver            menu_driver(3X)
       menu_fore              menu_attributes(3X)
       menu_format            menu_format(3X)
       menu_grey              menu_attributes(3X)
       menu_init              menu_hook(3X)
       menu_items             menu_items(3X)
       menu_mark              menu_mark(3X)
       menu_opts              menu_opts(3X)
       menu_opts_off          menu_opts(3X)
       menu_opts_on           menu_opts(3X)
       menu_pad               menu_attributes(3X)
       menu_pattern           menu_pattern(3X)

       menu_request_by_name   menu_requestname(3X)
       menu_request_name      menu_requestname(3X)
       menu_spacing           menu_spacing(3X)
       menu_sub               menu_win(3X)
       menu_term              menu_hook(3X)
       menu_userptr           menu_userptr(3X)
       menu_win               menu_win(3X)
       new_item               mitem_new(3X)
       new_menu               menu_new(3X)
       pos_menu_cursor        menu_cursor(3X)
       post_menu              menu_post(3X)
       scale_menu             menu_win(3X)
       set_current_item       mitem_current(3X)
       set_item_init          menu_hook(3X)
       set_item_opts          mitem_opts(3X)
       set_item_term          menu_hook(3X)
       set_item_userptr       mitem_userptr(3X)
       set_item_value         mitem_value(3X)
       set_menu_back          menu_attributes(3X)
       set_menu_fore          menu_attributes(3X)
       set_menu_format        menu_format(3X)
       set_menu_grey          menu_attributes(3X)
       set_menu_init          menu_hook(3X)
       set_menu_items         menu_items(3X)
       set_menu_mark          menu_mark(3X)
       set_menu_opts          mitem_opts(3X)
       set_menu_pad           menu_attributes(3X)
       set_menu_pattern       menu_pattern(3X)
       set_menu_spacing       menu_spacing(3X)
       set_menu_sub           menu_win(3X)
       set_menu_term          menu_hook(3X)
       set_menu_userptr       menu_userptr(3X)
       set_menu_win           menu_win(3X)
       set_top_row            mitem_current(3X)
       top_row                mitem_current(3X)
       unpost_menu            menu_post(3X)

       Routines  that  return  pointers  return  NULL on error.  Routines that
       return an integer return one of the following error codes:

       E_OK The routine succeeded.

            System error occurred (see errno).

            Routine detected an incorrect or out-of-range argument.

            The menu is already posted.

            Routine was called from an initialization or termination function.

            Menu is too large for its window.

            The menu has not been posted.

            The menu driver code saw an unknown request code.

            Character failed to match.

            The designated item cannot be selected.

            No items are connected to the menu.

            The menu driver could not process the request.

       curses(3X)  and  related  pages  whose names begin "menu_" for detailed
       descriptions of the entry points.

       The header  file  <menu.h>  automatically  includes  the  header  files
       <curses.h> and <eti.h>.

       In your library list, libmenu.a should be before libncurses.a; that is,
       you want to say `-lmenu -lncurses', not the  other  way  around  (which
       would give you a link error using GNU ld(1) and many other linkers).

       These  routines  emulate the System V menu library.  They were not sup-
       ported on Version 7 or BSD versions.

       Juergen Pfeifer.  Manual pages and adaptation for ncurses  by  Eric  S.