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       forum - Interactive Help for MRTG users

       There is a lot of written documentation for mrtg. But never the less
       you may have a problem where you can't find the solution.  In this case
       some Human Help may be necessary. With MRTG there are several ways to
       get Humans to help you.

       There are three mailing lists for MRTG available.

           for discussion among mrtg users

           for announcements regarding new versions of mrtg related software

           for discussion among people who write software in connection with
           mrtg or who hack mrtg itself.

       THE RULES

       Please note, that the memebers of the mrtg mailinglist value politeness
       highly. This means behave in a way you would like others to behave
       towards you.

       o   No shouting. (NO CAPS)

       o   No rude language

       o   No demands. everybody is on the list out of their own free will. If
           you do not get an answer to your question, chances are high that
           you did not give sufficent details about the nature of your problem
           or that the answer to your problem is in the documentation.

       o   If you do not follow the rules you will be unsubscribed from the
           list with no further questions asked.

       o   Decisions about your unsubscription from the list will be taken by

            Alex van den Bogaerdt <>
            Paul C. Williamson    <pwilliamson@MANDTBANK.COM>

           If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, you may send mail
           to me and explain the situation.

            Tobi Oetiker <>


       These lists are managed by a mailing-list management software (listar).
       It allows you to subscribe to these lists by sending a message with the
       subject: subscribe to the following address:

       You will then get a message asking you to confirm your subscription.

       For posting to the lists use the following address

       Note that only people who are subscribed to the list can post.

       Further information about the usage of the mailing lists is available
       by sending a message with the subject line help to either one of the
       request addresses.

       For past activity there is also a mailing list archive available:

       There is also a web interface to manage your mailing-list subscription.

       For discussion of MRTG or related topics on the Usenet, please send
       your posts to:

       Many MRTG users are in this forum and will help you. You can also find
       an archive of past activity from this Newsgroup on:

       Tobias Oetiker <> and many contributors

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