FOOMATIC-KITLOAD(8)                                        FOOMATIC-KITLOAD(8)

       foomatic-kitload - installs a data kit into the foomatic database.

       foomatic-kitload [ -k kit-dir] [ -d dest-dir]...

       foomatic-kitload  installs  a  foomatic  data  kit  into the local data
       library.  It takes a -k dirname option, where dirname is  the  toplevel
       directory  of  a  foomatic driver "kit".  A "kit" is a selection of XML
       source files arranged exactly as in the source/section  of  the  master
       database (ie, opt/driver/printer/ subdirs).

       GIMP-Print's foomatic-generator produces exactly such a kit.

       Foomatic-kitload  is  moderately paranoid about kits: the kit must con-
       tain at least one of printer, driver or opt; the kit must contain  only
       files  ending in .xml, the kit cannot be the local library itself, etc.
       But it does not inspect the contents of the kit files in any way.

       -k dirname
                 dirname is the toplevel directory of a foomatic driver "kit".

       -d destdir
                 destdir  is  a  prefix  to prepend to the install path.  This
                 will not normally be required, but is  useful  if  installing
                 into  a  temporary  `staging area' prior to installing in the
                 final destination.

       foomatic-kitload returns 0 on success, 255 or something  else  when  an
       error occurs.

       Manfred   Wassmann   <>  for  the  foomatic
       project using output from the associated binary.

       Please send bug reports to

Foomatic Project                  2001-05-07               FOOMATIC-KITLOAD(8)