PERLIO(1)             User Contributed Perl Documentation            PERLIO(1)

       APR:PerlIO -- An APR Perl IO layer

         use APR::PerlIO ();

         sub handler {
             my $r = shift;

             open my $fh, ">:APR", $filename, $r or die $!;
             # work with $fh as normal $fh
             close $fh;

             return Apache::OK;

       "APR::PerlIO" implements a Perl IO layer using APR's file manipulation
       as its internals.

       Why do you want to use this? Normally you shouldn't, probably it won't
       be faster than Perl's default layer. It's only useful when you need to
       manipulate a filehandle opened at the APR side, while using Perl.

       Normally you won't call open() with APR layer attribute, but some
       mod_perl functions will return a filehandle which is internally hooked
       to APR. But you can use APR Perl IO directly if you want.

       Perl Interface:

           To use APR Perl IO to open a file the four arguments open() should
           be used. For example:

             open my $fh, ">:APR", $filename, $r or die $!;


           the second argument is the mode to open the file, constructed from
           two sections separated by the ":" character: the first section is
           the mode to open the file under (>, <, etc) and the second section
           must be a string APR.

           the fourth argument can be a "Apache::RequestRec" or
           "Apache::ServerRec" object.

           the rest of the arguments are the same as described by the open()

             seek($fh, $offset, $whence);

           If $offset is zero, "seek()" works normally.

           However if $offset is non-zero and Perl has been compiled with with
           large files support ("-Duselargefiles"), whereas APR wasn't, this
           function will croak. This is because largefile size "Off_t" simply
           cannot fit into a non-largefile size "apr_off_t".

           To solve the problem, rebuild Perl with "-Uuselargefiles". Cur-
           rently there is no way to force APR to build with large files

       The C interface provides functions to convert between Perl IO and APR
       Perl IO filehandles.

       The perliol(1), perlapio(1) and perl(1) manpages.

perl v5.8.0                       2002-06-05                         PERLIO(1)